Question Report Reference

In this topic, you will learn about the Interactivity Question report.

The Question report provides a proportional breakdown of how every respondent has answered every question.

The following Interactivity reports are also available:

The Question report can be viewed by opening the Analytics module and then by clicking the Interactivity > Question Report link in the left navigation.

Viewing the report

Follow these steps to view the Question report:

  1. Login to Video Cloud Studio.
  2. Open the Analytics module.
  3. In the left navigation, click Interactivity > Question Report.
  4. Use the date selector to specify the time period for the report, you can select a fixed date range or select a custom date range.
    date selector
  5. Click Run.

The report will display all the projects with quiz annotations.

date selector

Click on a project to view the results of all quizzes for the project.

date selector
For each question, a summary of the results will be displayed.