Account Deletion

In this topic, you will learn a Beacon iOS app must have a Delete Account button, and what that button does.

Apple requires that iOS/tvOS apps must have a delete button to remove a viewer's account. See Apple's App Store Review Guidelines document, Legal - Data Collection and Storage section for full details.

Brightcove Beacon implementation

In the app's Settings -> My Account options a Delete Account option is present

account deletion option

When the viewer clicks the button, Beacon performs the following tasks:

  • Confirms the viewer wishes to delete the account.
  • Alerts the viewer that they must cancel all active subscriptions with other platform's stores before Beacon account deletion can occur.
  • Beacon's backend verifies all of the viewer's active subscriptions with other platform's stores that there are no active subscriptions.
  • Removal of viewer information from Stripe and Evergent (name, contact info, payment data)
  • Beacon's user management service deletes the account and all associated data associated with that account, like preferences, favorites, recently watched, etc.
  • Notifies the user the account is deleted, via a message in an app alert, when all conditions are met and deletion processes completed.

Note that if a viewer uses an OIDC login and logs in after the account has been removed, an account with those credentials will be created, but it is a new, separate account and no previous data associated with that account is retrieved.