Using an SVOD Plan

In this topic, you will learn how to use a video SVOD plan that was created using the Commerce tab of Brightcove Beacon. For details on creating the SVOD plan see the Creating an SVOD Plan document.


An SVOD Plan defines how a particular set of videos can be purchased by your apps' customers. The SVOD plan must be created in Brightcove Beacon Classic, and is detailed in the Creating an SVOD Plan document.

Assigning plans in Beacon Studio

You can use the Beacon Studio to associate SVOD plans with media content.

These steps walk through adding a SVOD plan to a movie, but the process is similar for other asset types.

  1. Login to Beacon Studio and select a video.

    1. In the left navigation, select Media
    2. Click on the Name of a video
    Media module
  2. Select Availability and either edit or create a Rule Set.

    Edit rule set
  3. Scroll down to the Monetization section.

    1. Expand the Monetization dropdown menu and select SVOD
    2. Enter the SVOD plan name. You will have created this in Beacon Classic.

      To learn how to create SVOD plans, see the Creating an SVOD Plan document.

    SVOD plan name
  4. Click Save.

How SVOD appears in the apps

The following screen shots show how SVOD implementations appear in a Brightcove OTT web app. The look is similar for other platforms.

  • SVOD and TVOD options for an asset - Viewer must be authenticated to see these options
    rent subscribe
  • More purchase options dialog
    more purchase options
  • Confirm payment for subscription/purchase
    purchase with credit card
  • Review SVOD with trial
    review SVOD with trial
  • Review SVOD without trial
    review SVOD wthout trial
  • After completing purchases, viewers can manage their subscriptions in the Settings section.
    manage subscriptions