Setting the Privacy Status for a Video

This topic describes how you can set the privacy status for videos that are distributed to YouTube using Brightcove Social.

When you create a YouTube publishing destination, one of the default properties that can be set is the YouTube privacy setting. By default, there are three options, Public, Private and Unlisted. When videos are published to YouTube, the privacy setting for all videos will be set to the selected setting.

You may have a cases where the YouTube privacy setting for each video should be different. In this case, a custom field associated with the video can be used to control the privacy setting allowing each video to have a different privacy setting. When the video is published to YouTube using Brightcove Social, the privacy setting will be set to the value specified by the custom field value.

Creating the custom field

Start by adding a custom field to your account, yt_privacy_status of type List. For information on adding custom fields to an account see Creating Custom Metadata Fields. Setting the value of this custom field controls the YouTube video privacy setting:

yt_privacy_status YouTube Video Privacy Setting
private private
public public
unlisted unlisted
value is null or unset public

Tip: By using a List type for the custom field, users will be able to select the status using a dropdown list vs. having to type a value in.

Assigning a value to the custom field

Once the custom field has been added, the value can be set using the Media module.

Editing the publishing destination

Edit the YouTube publishing destination and set the Privacy Setting default to Use YT_Privacy_Status Custom Field.

Publishing the video

When a video is selected and the YouTube destination is selected, it will have the privacy status that was set using the custom field.