Page Details Overview

In this topic, you will learn the functionality available from the page details screen.

Viewing page details

To view the details for a page, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Layout module.
  2. Click on a page name to open the page details.


The following shows the options from page details in Beacon Studio:

page details diagram

Summary of options:

  • Page Status: The status of the page, either:
    • Published
    • Unpublished
    • Staged
  • Publish/Unpublish Button: Change the state of the page between published and unpublished.
  • gear icon: Click to open the page settings dialog, open to the Title & Translations section.
  • Current Layout: Hover over the current layout to display the Change link. Then click on Select to pick a new layout.
  • Playlist Settings Dialog: Click anywhere in the Availability section to open the page settings dialog:

Detailed documentation

For detailed documentation on the major functionality available from the page details, see: