How To: Create a Series

Brightcove recommends uploading all of the videos and trailers before creating series and seasons. Click All videos in the panel navigation and then click Upload.


  1. In the primary navigation, click Media.
  2. In the panel navigation, click Create series.
  3. Enter a Name for the series and click Save.
  4. The Overview page will display. Note, as you tab out of a field or press enter, any changes will be saved. Enter the series details.
  5. Enter the Cast details (this information will appear in the the More Info screen):
    • Actors
    • Directors
    • Singers
    • Music Composers
    • Song Writers
    • Writers
  6. Click the Discovery tab to open the Discovery details page.
  7. Enter Tags and Genres for the series.
  8. Click the Availability tab to open the Availability details page.
  9. Create availability rule sets as needed.