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    Sending Push Notifications to Beacon App Viewers

    In this topic, you will learn how to create and send push notifications to the viewers of your Brightcove Beacon apps.


    Brightcove allows you to send text or rich media push notifications to the viewers of your Brightcove Beacon apps. This gives you the ability to communicate and engage directly with your viewers that use iOS and Android mobile devices.

    In Beacon Studio's Registered Users module, you can create, schedule, or send push notifications right away.

    App Notifications

    Creating a message

    Create a push notification to send now or to schedule it for a later time.

    1. In Beacon Studio, in the primary navigation, click Registered Users.
    2. Click App Notifications.
    3. Add values for each input field.

      Create message

    Input fields

    Enter values for the following fields:

    • Notification name - Internal name for the notification
    • Title - Display name for the notification
    • Text - Your message text
    • Send date -
      • You can send the notification now
        Send now
      • Or schedule a date and time for notification delivery
        Schedule time to send
    • Notification type - Specifies the action when the user clicks on the notification

      Notification type

    Additional input fields

    When you select a Notification type of either:

    • Open asset details
    • Open asset in player
    Select open asset

    you will see the following additional input fields:

    Additional input fields

    To fill in these additional fields, do the following:

    1. First, select an Asset type.
      Select asset type
    2. Then, select an Asset from your Beacon library.
      Select asset
    3. The landscape or poster image associated with your asset will be automatically populated here. In the notification, the image will be cropped into a square.
      Asset image
    4. Select values for the following input fields:
      • Display image in notification - Toggle to display the image in your notification
      • Image orientation - Choose either the landscape or portrait image

      You will see a preview of the image in your notification.

      Notification preview

    Sending a message

    You can either send a push notification now or you can schedule it for a later time.

    Send now

    1. In the notifications screen, set the Send date field to Send now.
      Send now
    2. Click Send now.
      Send now

    Send later

    1. In the notifications screen, set the Send date field to Send later.
      Schedule time to send
    2. Set the date and time for your notification delivery.
    3. Click Schedule.
      Schedule notification

    Managing messages

    Once your notification has been scheduled, it will appear in the notification list.

    Notification list


    • Click Create notification to send or schedule a push notification.
    • Enter text in Search notifications to search the notifications list.


    • Notification - Click the notification name to edit the notification
    • Status - The current status of the notification

      • status scheduled - Scheduled
      • status sent - Sent
      • status failed - Failed
    • Send date - The date that the notification is scheduled to be sent
    • Delete - Click delete icon to delete the notification

    Page last updated on 17 Jun 2022