Brightcove Player Use in Beacon Web Apps

In this topic, you will learn how Brightcove Player is integrated into your Beacon web apps.


Brightcove Player is in the process of being integrated into Beacon web apps. Currently three plugins are supported in specific locations. The supported plugins are:

  • Brightcove Server-side ad integration (SSAI)
  • Brightcove Analytics
  • Brightcove Digital Rights Management (DRM)

The locations in your Beacon web app where the Brightcove Player is currently used are:

  • EPG preview player
    epg preview
  • Live preview player
    live preview
  • The results of creating a page that uses the Hero (Autoplay Channel) layout.
    hero autoplay

Plugin functionality

The following are brief explanations of the three supported plugins, and a link to the full documentation of each.

Brightcove SSAI

Server-Side Ad Insertion (SSAI) allows you to embed ads into your videos so that they can't be blocked by ad blockers in the browser. See the Implementing Server-Side Ads with Brightcove Player document for details.

Brightcove Analytics

The Video Cloud Analytics Platform is a state-of-the-art, close to real-time analytics platform built from the ground up for Brightcove using the latest innovations in big data technology and architected for massive scale. See the Getting Started with the Analytics Module to begin your journey of working with Brightcove Analytics.

Brightcove DRM

Brightcove DRM uses several technologies to protect your video assets. See the Configuring the Brightcove Player for DRM for details.