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    Brightcove Beacon Studio Home

    Brightcove Beacon is a platform which enables you to create and configure a single media streaming experience which is then used across multiple platforms and devices. The documents in this domain are for Brightcove Beacon Studio, the newest version of Beacon. For documentation on the earlier version of Beacon see the documentation set for Beacon Classic.

    Managing Channels

    Learn how to create and manage Beacon and Cloud Playout channels.

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    Beacon Web Store

    The Beacon Web Store is a service for implementing subscriptions in web stores.

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    Reviewing Analytics

    Learn how to view video analytics to see how your videos are performing.

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    Registered Users

    Learn how to manage registered users.

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    Styling and Appearance

    Learn how to change the appearance of your Brightcove Beacon apps.

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    Learn how to add interactivity to videos.

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    Live Events

    Learn how to configure and stream live events.

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    Release Notes

    Learn about new product features and updates.

    Page last updated on 09 Sep 2022