Player E VOD Features

In this topic, you will learn about features for Player E when playing VOD.


You can choose the player used in your Beacon apps. Player E is the latest player, and all new customers automatically get Player E. Also, eventually all existing customers will move to Player E.

Player E is a player for VOD videos, linear channels and live events in which viewers watch media assets. The player incorporates many new features across all platforms. This topic details features available, and not available, for VOD content.

The following two documents demonstrate how to select Player E for your apps, and features Player E offers for playback of live content:

Feature availability table

As mentioned earlier, Player E has many new features, but not every feature is available on every platform. The following table indicates which features are available on which platforms for VOD content.

Web iOS Apple TV Android Roku Smart TVs
Skip 10 seconds
No Yes No Yes No No
Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes2,3
Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Subtitles Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes5 Yes
Yes6 Yes Yes No No7 No
Chromecast Yes8 Yes No Yes No No
Related9 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No
Accessibility Yes No No10 No No No
Fullscreen option Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Audio Only11 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Text Tracks Titles12 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
  1. Platforms that do not show the skip buttons have native methods for this functionality.
  2. LG/webOS does not support playback speed selection.
  3. For Smart TVs, outside of LG/webOS, the video must be enabled for playback speed selection.
  4. Of course, the additional languages must be provided in the video and/or video's manifest.
  5. Roku does not support EIA608/708 Closed Captions.
  6. On web app, works with Safari only.
  7. Native support, but untested with Beacon.
  8. On web app, works with Google Chrome only.
  9. When a video is playing, related displays related videos. When an episode of a series is playing, related displays the other episodes from the same season.
  10. Native accessibility is available and voice control via Siri.
  11. Beacon Players identify if the media is an Audio Only format and can playback this across all platforms. When this happens, the platforms provide an artwork image within the video player. The Audio Only feature is implemented for Player E.
  12. You can add labels to each track made available to apps through the Playback API.

VOD features

The following video demonstrates features available when playing VOD assets in Player E for OTT web apps.


Audio Only feature

Audio Only