Overview: Engagement Subscribers Insights for Beacon

In this topic, you will learn how Subscribers Insights for Beacon allow you to understand viewer engagement and optimize your content strategy.


Engagement Subscriber Insights is a stand-alone product focused on the frequency and intensity of viewer activity. This product helps you understand how subscribers use your Beacon app and provides a baseline success rate for encouraging customers to keep coming back. Engagement Insights reveals the audience's interaction with your app, including detailed video consumption trends, average days streamed, and activity over time.

Engagement Subscribers Insights includes:

  • Viewer insights

    Engagement Status and Viewing metrics help you to understand viewer use and patterns. The data reveals how often viewers engage, how much they engage, and the devices they engage on. This information helps you to understand how your viewer base is trending.

  • Content insights

    Using the attention index and entertainment score, you can decide which content should be promoted more. The Content Catalog provides an in-depth view of all content and its performance. The Content Explorer looks for connections between content, providing clues on how to tie together promotions.

  • User data sync

    With an integration, Brightcove can sync user records that are mapped through Beacon into popular MAP/CRM systems. This allows you to send campaigns around customer promotions.

    For more information, see the Automating Smarter Campaigns with User Segments document.


Engagement Insights are available to Beacon customers for no additional charge. Contact your Brightcove OTT Delivery Team to give you access.

Best practices

To get the most out of Engagement Insights, follow these Best practices.

Once your account is enabled for Insights, do the following:

  1. Login to Brightcove Audience Insights.

  2. Here you will see three tabs related to Engagement Insights:

    • Summary
    • Engagement
    • Content
    Landing page
    Landing page


The Summary tab provides an overview of reports you can deliver to your executive team. The report data displays weekly timeframes, where you select the week of interest. These summary reports save you time from building your own reports. For details, see the following:



The Engagement tab helps you understand viewer use and patterns. For details, see the following:

Engagement tab
Engagement tab


The Content tab shows how your audience is interacting with your Video Cloud library. For details, see the following:

Content tab
Content tab

Best practices

Brightcove recommends the following best practices for Engagement Insights:

Content metadata

Make sure your content is marked with the correct metadata, otherwise analytics data will not be reflected for:

  • Series Title
  • Series ID
  • Type
  • Genre
  • Season Number
  • Season Episode Number
  • Live Channel

These fields are used to group your content within the Engagement Insights charts.

Content categories

Live titles are derived from the Live channel name. Otherwise, the field values come from the Media module in Studio.

For details, see the Creating Series, Seasons & Episodes document.