When to Use Beacon Studio and/or Beacon Classic

In this topic, you will learn that in Brightcove Beacon not all implementation tasks can be done in Beacon Studio. Sometimes you will also need to use Beacon Classic and/or Video Cloud Studio.


Not all the functionality from Video Cloud Studio and Beacon Classic has been rolled into Beacon Studio. To be sure the different tools are clearly understood, here are partial screenshots of each:

Beacon Studio

beacon studio

Beacon Classic

beacon classic

Video Cloud Studio

Video Cloud Studio

Any documents that include steps where you have to use a tool other than Beacon Studio, it will be stated near the top of the page similar to this:


The note will read if you need to use Beacon Classic and/or Video Cloud Studio. If you do not see this or a similar note, the steps in the doc (if any) are done with Beacon Studio.

Multiple tool use documents

Note that as LA progresses, and more functionality is rolled into Beacon Studio, this list will change:

Task / Document Tool(s) Used in Addition
to Beacon Studio
Creating a Beacon Channel Beacon Classic
Creating an SVOD Plan Beacon Classic
Creating an Advertisement Beacon Classic
Creating an Electronic Program Guide (EPG) Beacon Classic
Creating Promo Coupons Beacon Classic
Implementing AuthVOD Beacon Classic
Implementing Live SSAI Beacon Classic & Video Cloud Studio
Implementing VOD SSAI Beacon Classic & Video Cloud Studio
Publishing a Cloud Playout Channel Beacon Classic
Streaming a Live Event Beacon Classic
Streaming VODs to a Channel Beacon Classic