Deep Linking For Mobile Apps

In this topic, you will learn how Deep Linking works for Android and iOS.


The Beacon Deep Linking feature allows Android and iOS mobile devices to either download the Beacon App or to be directed to a specific section or page of the Beacon App. This allows the flexibility to link a viewer to any section of the Beacon app. Deep Linking simplifies how to drive audiences from marketing material or 3rd party sources into Beacon App experiences to a targeted page. This feature is available for Android and Apple mobile.


Use Cases

There are two use cases:

  • Deep Link (App Installed)
    • Deep Linking helps promote your content.
    • After clicking on a valid link in your web page, besides opening your web page, this would open the content shared in your mobile app.
    • This works for Apple Universal Links and Android App Links.
  • Deferred deep linking (App not Installed)
    • To promote download and installs (iOS and Android Only).
    • On the Beacon Web App, a banner will be displayed at the top of your web page. After clicking on it, it will redirect you to the respective App Store to download the mobile app.

    For Android:


    For Apple:



Supported Deep link destinations (pages, playlists, players):

  • Pages:
    1. Home Page
    2. EPG Pages
    3. Other Landing Pages (top nav items)
  • Assets Details Pages
    1. Movies
    2. Series
    3. Seasons
    4. Episodes
    5. Live Events
  • VOD Players
    1. Movies
    2. Episodes
    3. Live Events
  • Live Players
    1. Live Events
    2. Live Channels
  • Pages as Assets
  • Collection/Playlist Pages
    1. View All

This is available for devices iOS / iPadOS and Android Mobile / Tablet