Long Titles

In this topic, you will learn how long titles work in the Beacon App.


Long titles sometimes are necessary to specify what a video is about or to give more details. To configure the name of the videos and other information, see Editing Video Details.

Once you have set up the long video name, the Brightcove Beacon App allows you to display the video name in two ways:

    1. Title in two lines

    two lines title

    2. Title in one line

    one line title

Setting a Long Title

  1. In the left navegation, click Layout.
  2. Click on a page you want to work with.

    layout containers

  3. In Assorted Movies, click ... and then click More layout options

    assorted movies

  4. The position of the video title defines whether the video name is displayed on one line or two. Select Inside or Outside.

    show video title

    • Inside:


      Displayed in the Brightcove Beacon App:

      Inside App

    • Outside:


      Displayed in the Brightcove Beacon App:

      Outside App

  5. Click the X and return to Layout, then refresh the apps cache.

In Smart TV platforms, the behavior of titles is scrolling rather than being displayed in two lines. The following video shows how it is displayed.