Installing a Roku Test Build

In this topic, you will learn how to install test builds of the Brightcove Beacon app for Roku.


In Roku the test build is referred to as a non-certified channel. To set up a non-certified channel you must have your Vanity Access Code which is noted in step 9 in the Channel properties of the Submitting Apps to the Roku Store document.

An overview of the process is:

  • Add a channel that is published as a developer SDK, non-certified channel.
  • Configure the channel's properties.
  • Provide the channel store info.
  • Set the monetization option to None of the above apply. I will not be monetizing my channel.
  • Upload the package.
  • Preview and publish the channel.

For details from the Roku site, see the Installing a non-certified channel section of the Channel publishing document in the Roku documentation.