Editing Series Details

In this topic you will learn how to edit series details.

To view and edit the details for a series, open the Media module, click All series in the panel navigation and click on a series name link. The series overview page will open.

Buttons at the top of the series details page provide the ability to:

The series details are organized into the following tabs:


The Overview tab can be used to view and edit basic series details. The following details are displayed:

  • Language View - Current language metadata view; use the dropdown to select another language to add metadata for
  • Name - Internal name for the series; no more than 255 characters
  • Images
  • Title - Name for the series that will be displayed in the Beacon app
  • Synopsis - Series synopisis
  • Description - Series description
  • Production Year
  • Production Country
  • Cast
    • Actors
    • Directors
    • Singers
    • Music Composers
    • Song Writers
    • Writers
  • Categorization
    • Tags
    • Genres

Any changes made will be autosaved when you leave a field or press enter. The right side of the page provides a dropdown list to select the In-app sort order and buttons to create a season and add a series trailer.


The Availability tab can be used to restrict access to a series based upon date, locations, devices and monetization plan. For information, see Configuring Series Availability.