Brightcove Ad Monetization

In this topic, you will learn what Brightcove Ad Monetization is and how Brightcove supports your monetization journey with this managed service.


Brightcove Ad Monetization is an end-to-end monetization service that supports live and VOD monetization with cutting-edge yield optimization tools. The service is completely managed for Brightcove customers. It includes the following features:

  • Brightcove's Ad Ops team providing onboarding for customers in Springserve, based on customer requirements
  • Setting up appropriate ad tags
  • Providing all reporting data which includes ad analytics reports
  • Managing ad demand
  • Helping troubleshoot all ads related issues

Value propositions

The features of Brightcove Ad Monetization lead to the following value propositions:

      Earn more money:
      • Gain greater control, insight and transparency into available ad supply with SpringServe
      • Fill any unsold ad inventory to increase revenue with Magnite's Supply-side platform (SSP)
      Ease of use from start to finish
      • Brightcove's Ad Ops team makes getting up and running efficient and effective
      • The team is with you every step of the way, from onboarding to the implementation and refinement of your ad strategy, to help your business grow
      Leverage industry expertise
      • Ad Ops experts directly consult on ad strategy and effectively make the most out of customer content
      • Ad Ops team enables each customer, sets up their ad tags, helps with reporting and ad troubleshooting
      Support current technology stack
      • Flexibility to continue to use Google or Freewheel (or whatever primary ad server is used)
      • Set existing ad servers to fallback so that Brightcove Ad Monetization can take the unsold inventory to market


The service enables/uses the following capabilities to power the end-to-end solution (note that some of these capabilities are standard in Brightcove tools):

  • CSAI via Brightcove web player, iOS, and Android SDK.
  • Support for VOD content, including support pre-roll, mid-roll and post-roll ads for VOD assets out of the box. This uses proven technology of Brightcove Player and has been supported functionality of the web player and SDKs for some time.
  • Support for Live content, including pre-rolls with CSAI out of the box. For mid-roll ads, customers provide in-stream ID3 markers or cue points and write custom player actions, make the ad calls and manage the playback experience.
  • Brightcove SSAI service to insert pre-roll, mid-roll and post-roll ads for both Live and VOD content.

Setup overview

The following are the broad steps of setting up Brightcove Ad Monetization:

      • Get your properties vested with Brightcove's video ad marketplace partners.
      • Establish a program kickoff and get assigned a dedicated ad ops team.
      • The Ad Ops team works directly with Brightcove's supply-side platforms (SSPs) and demand-side platforms (DSPs) to get you into the system.
      • Set up ad tags and reporting structure.
      • Ensure integrations are functioning properly and troubleshoot directly.
      • Work directly with your assigned ad ops team and have them do all the "heavy lifting".
      • Your assigned ad ops team continually optimizes your ad strategy.
      • Brightcove reviews performance reports and data to determine enhancements.
      • Brightcove never stops making sure you're getting the best opportunities possible.
      • All optimizations, performance reports and possible improvements are presented to you and discussed for possible changes.


What is Brightcove Ad Monetization? Why should I care? Brightcove has integrated with Magnite's SpringServe ad server to provide publishers with greater control, insight and transparency into available ad supply. Marketplace partners (e.g. Magnite's Sell Side Platform) may fill any unsold ad inventory to increase revenue for Media Studio customers.
How does this strengthen my media solution? Brightcove Ad Monetization gives you an opportunity to more effectively deliver impressions and revenue. You also get access to industry-leading experts who guide you through each step of the process and help you optimize the solution.
How do I know if I'm a good fit for this program? Brightcove is focused on customers who are willing to move their entire or unsold inventories over to Brightcove. Brightcove's Ad Ops team provides a managed service, leveraging Brightcove players, SSAI and/or CSAI service and SpringServe capabilities.
What is the value if I'm just getting started with monetizing your media? What about if I've been doing it for a long time?
  • If you're just getting started, this is an opportunity to earn advertising revenue with the support of industry experts as you begin your AVOD journey.
  • If you've been doing it for a while, this is another monetization channel, allowing you to fill unsold inventory on Brightcove properties and earn additional advertising revenue.
How do I qualify to get involved? Brightcove media customers with VOD, Live or Beacon functionality with SSAI and/or CSAI enabled may qualify for Brightcove Ad Monetization.
How can I get started with this new functionality? You reach out to your account team to start the onboarding process. You have to fill out an ad inventory questionnaire which Brightcove's marketplace partners use to vet your account. If approved, a dedicated account team completes the onboarding process, including entering into an additional services order form between you and Brightcove.
How does this new offering fit into existing solutions/tech stacks? Brightcove Ad Monetization works where advertising is enabled: VOD, Live, Brightcove Players, Beacon Apps, Accedo apps and most third party players and apps.
What does the pricing structure look like? What costs do I incur? Brightcove will retain a percentage of each sale of Ad Inventory through Brightcove Ad Monetization and remit the remainder to you (net applicable third party fees).
Do I need to use SpringServe to integrate with Brightcove Ad Monetization? If you do not have an existing advertising stack: yes, you need to use SpringServe until Brightcove adds more ad partners. For clients with an existing ad stack: SpringServe is preferred but not required (if you already have a preferred ad server relationship).
Do I get to determine which sell opportunities I can offer? Brightcove delivers a mix of transaction types including, but not limited to, Private Marketplace, Programmatic Guaranteed and Open Auction deals.
What happens if I already work with Magnite or Springserve? Great news: Brightcove can sync via SpringServe Routers with very little effort.
What happens if I have relationships with other ad servers? How does Brightcove Ad Monetization fit into this strategy? Brightcove works in tandem with your ongoing experience. The value in working with us is that Brightcove offers a premium platform monetization experience. Brightcove's robust network of Brightcove clients is aggregated in one ad network ecosystem provides more opportunities for ad placement and offers a more premium look. Brightcove Ad Monetization is not just any other service.
Do I need to purchase a Springserve or Magnite package to move forward with this service? No, this is a managed service provided by Brightcove.
How long does it take for me to start seeing results once I'm up and running? Once you are onboarded, you can expect to start seeing results in approximately 90 days. This will be about enough time for marketplaces to see inventory patterns.
Is there a contract that I need to sign? How long does the program last and work with renewals? There is a unique order form for Brightcove Ad Monetization. This is non-guaranteed service and can be deactivated at any time. This service will be co-termed with your existing Order form.
What kind of results can I expect?
  • Results depend on the region (U.S. vs Australia vs Japan are all different). Brightcove can provide more details once your sites and regional needs are understood.
  • There is a 90-day sales cycle in advertising, so it takes at least a full quarter for the machines/programmatic marketplaces to understand inventory and deliver against it.
Do I have to purchase any other Brightcove products to be a part of Brightcove Ad Monetization? Yes, you need a Brightcove Account and Player since we are only monetizing on Brightcove properties for this service.

Advertising industry terminology

  • Ad Operations: Processes and systems that support the sale and delivery of online advertising.
  • Ad Network: A service connecting advertisers to websites that want to host advertisements.
  • Supply-side platform (SSP): Software for publishers and advertisers to automate the management, sale and optimization of ad inventory on web and mobile properties.
  • Demand-side platform (DSP): Type of software that allows an advertiser to buy advertising with the help of automation.
  • Ad Server: Technology and service that places advertisements on websites, mobile apps and Connected TVs.
  • Ad Pod: A group of multiple ads that gets played back-to-back during a single ad break.
  • Advertising cue point: A marker at a precise time point in the duration of a video to trigger ads.
  • Remnant Inventory: Unsold ad inventory.
  • VAST URL: Ad tag URL used by a player to retrieve video and audio ads.
  • Pre-roll ads: Ads that play automatically before online videos (usually 15 or 30 seconds long).
  • Mid-roll ads: Ads sandwiched in the middle of video content (a minimum of 12 seconds long).
  • Post-roll ads: Ads that play automatically after videos (typically 10 to 15 seconds long).
  • Fill rate: Percentage of ad units that were served out of all the ads requested sent to an ad server.
  • CPM: Cost per 1000 impressions.