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    Fields for Custom Live Ingest Profiles

    This topic provides a reference for the fields used in Live ingest profiles.

    Profile fields

    Property Type Description Default
    account_id integer The Video Cloud account id none
    name string The profile name - must be unique within the account none
    display_name string The a display name for the profile to appear in the Studio Admin page - may be the same as name, but should be descriptive to help users understand the intended use for the profile none
    description string The profile description none
    model_version integer Set this to 1 to make the profile show up in the Live Module none
    renditions array Array of rendition objects []
    packages array Array of DRM packages - currently, DRM is not supported, so this should always be an empty array []

    Rendition fields

    The tables below show fields that can be used in the request body for updating live ingest profiles.

    Property Type Description Default
    audio_bitrate integer audio bitrate in kbps (min: 16, max: 1024) match source
    audio_codec string Audio codec - aac | mp3 Determined by the format or profile, in most cases, aac will be best
    decoder_bitrate_cap integer in kbps, the max bitrate fed to the decoder via a buffer none
    decoder_buffer_size integer in kbps, the size of the buffer fed to the decoder when using a bitrate_cap none
    forced_keyframe_rate number Forces a keyframe every X frames, but still allows additional keyframes for scene cut, etc. none
    format string Video format - ts, mp4, flv none
    h264_profile string H.264 has three commonly-used profiles: Baseline (lowest), Main, and High. baseline
    keyframe_interval integer Maximum number of frames between keyframes 250
    keyframe_rate float Maximum keyframes per second keyframe_interval of 250
    label string Image type for image renditions - poster or thumbnail none
    live_stream boolean whether this will be live video stream none
    live_dvr_sliding_window_duration integer Duration of stream to keep available for LiveDVR delivery in seconds 300
    max_video_bitrate integer in kbps, 123 = 123kbps - h264 only none
    media_type string video or audio none
    video_bitrate integer in kbps, 123 = 123kbps (min: 64, max: 10000) none
    video_codec string e.g. h264, ts Determined by the format or profile
    width integer frame width in pixels none
    height integer frame height in pixels none

    Page last updated on 12 Jul 2022