Brightcove Player Plugin Compatibility with Player E

In this topic, you will learn which Brightcove Player plugins are compatible with the different player instances used in Beacon web apps.


Beacon web apps use Brightcove Player in all instances of where a player is used. In the Beacon UI the Brightcove Player is referred to as Player E. Brightcove Player is enhanced using plugins. The Feature availability table later in this document details which plugins are implemented with each player instance.

Player instance details

Four instance of Brightcove Player are used in Beacon web apps. Those instanced are located in these locations:

  1. Autoplay page layout
  2. Live TV preview
  3. EPG preview
  4. Player E VOD

The following video shows each player instance in a Beacon app:


Feature availability table

This table displays which plugins are implemented in each player instance:

Player E VOD Auto Play EPG Preview Live TV Preview
Analytics Yes Yes Yes Yes
DRM Yes Yes Yes Yes
SSAI Yes No No No
Chromecast Yes No No No
IMA3 Yes Yes Yes Yes
Yes No No No
Yes Yes Yes Yes

By default the following plugins are automatically enabled:

  • Analytics
  • DRM
  • SSAI
  • Chromecast

The next section of this document provides links to documents to enable the other plugins.

Enabling plugins

Some plugins are automatically enabled for Player E, as listed just above. Others you must manually enable. The following lists the plugin and the document that provides implementation instructions.