Configuring Project Settings

In this topic you will learn how to configure project settings.

The project settings can be used to edit the project title, add tags, add templates, assign a custom CSS file and replace the video associated with a project. Follow these steps to configure the project settings.

  1. Open the Interactivity module.
  2. Click a project Title or click the action menu (...) associated with the project and click View.
  3. Click Settings.
  4. Edit the settings as needed. When done click Save.

Video settings

The Video setting controls the video that is behind the annotations.  You may need to change the source video if you copied the project and want to assign a different video. Follow these steps to change the video.

  1. Click Replace Video.
  2. Select a new video to use.
  3. Click Replace.

Project settings


Title of the project


Tags are commonly used for:

  • Organizing projects into groups; Tags can help facilitate searching projects and can be used as a report filter
  • Automatically adding annotations to videos; for information see Applying Templates to Projects

Tags should be:

  • All lower case
  • Contain no spaces
  • Separate multiple tags with a comma


The Templates section will list all templates applied to the project. Follow these steps to apply a template to a project. For information see Applying Templates to Projects.

Custom CSS settings

Custom Annotation CSS URL

Many customers apply a custom CSS to their project to change the colors, fonts or other styles of their annotations.  You can either provide the URL to a CSS file or click File and browse and select a CSS file to use. A default CSS file can be downloaded from the settings page. Settings in the project CSS file will override what is specified in the account level CSS file.