Branching Overview

In this topic you will learn about different methods for creating branching videos.

Brightcove Interactivity offers two techniques for creating branching or "choose your own adventure" (CYOA) content.

  • In-Video branching - This technique uses a single video. The viewer jumps from point to point in the same video using annotations. For information on in-video branching, see Creating an In-Video Branching Project.
  • Video to video branching - This technique uses a Branching Experience where multiple videos are strung together. The viewer jumps from video to video using annotations. For information on creating a Branching Experience, see Creating a Branching Experience.

Both work equally well, it's a personal preference based on your production process and how your videos are produced.

Branching best practices

  • Focus on just 2 or 3 choices at each choice point. Having fewer choices is much easier for viewers to process and results in higher interaction rates.
  • Make sure each choice point lasts for at least 10 seconds.
  • Add bumpers (sections of white or black or motion graphics) between the different choice sections to ease the transition. We recommend about 5 seconds.
  • Always allow the viewer to return to the choice points. You'll be surprised at how many viewers want to watch a branching video over and over again. To do this, simply add a text or image annotation that links back to the choice point.
  • Continue the audio track underneath the choice points and bumpers. This creates a more seamless experience for the viewer.