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    Implementing AuthVOD

    In this topic, you will learn how to create an AuthVOD monetization package.

    Understanding AuthVOD

    AuthVOD (AUTHenticated Video On Demand) is a monetization package where viewers must authenticate, that is enter a username and password, to the Brightcove Beacon app to watch videos included in the package. The videos may or may not show advertisements, depending on how you configure that package.

    See the Understanding Monetization Options document for more information on AuthVOD, as well as all monetization packages you can use with Brightcove Beacon.

    Configuring an AuthVOD package overview

    Here are the high-level steps in configuring an AuthVOD package:

    1. In Beacon Classic, create an unpublished, cost free package.
    2. If ads are desired, supply an ad provider when creating the package.
    3. In Beacon Studio, add data to videos' custom fields to assign them to the AuthVOD package.

    Creating a package in Brightcove Beacon

    Here are the detailed steps to follow in Beacon Classic to create an AuthVOD package:

    1. Click the Commerce tab along the top of Beacon Classic.
      get to add new package button
    2. Select Packages from the left navigation.
    3. Click the Add New Package button.
    4. On the Package tab supply the internal name and be sure to leave the Status as Unpublished.
      package tab
    5. If you wish to use advertising, you can click the Yes radio button for Advertisement then choose an Ads Provider from the dropdown.
      package tab
    6. On the Textual Data tab enter the name visible to viewers, and a headline about the package.
    7. If desired, supply an image that will display with the package information.
    8. On the Streams tab, enter values for the maximum number of devices that can stream at the same time, and the maximum number of devices that can have an active connection.
    9. If you wish finer control of the package availability, click the Yes radio button for Advanced Streams?, then complete form with finer availability options.

    Add videos to the package in Beacon Studio

    To add content to the package, you need to use Beacon Studio to assign values to custom fields. The two custom fields that you must assign values to for an AuthVOD package are:

    • beacon.rights.<counter>.packageName
    • beacon.rights.<counter>.type

    The steps below detail the process of assigning values to those custom fields.

    For each video you wish to be in the package, complete the following steps:

    1. Log in to Beacon Studio.
    2. From the primary navigation, select the Media module.
    3. Click the video name to which you wish to add custom field values, which displays that video's properties.
    4. Click the Video and Tracks tab.
    5. In the CUSTOM FIELDS section (right side), click Edit button.
    6. For the beacon.rights.<counter>.packageName, enter the name of your AuthVOD package created earlier.
    7. For the beacon.rights.<counter>.type, enter SVOD.
    8. At either the top or bottom of the list of custom fields, click Save.

    The following screenshot shows an example of actual values used in the custom fields. In this case, the counter is zero (highlighted in red) and the package name is AuthVOD Test (highlighted in yellow). Remember when implementing AuthVOD, the beacon.rights.<counter>.type is always set to SVOD.

    custom field values

    Page last updated on 19 Jun 2021