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    Creating a Stripe Account

    In this topic, you will learn how to create a Stripe account for payments and associate it with your Brightcove Beacon Experience.


    A Stripe account is needed to allow payments from customers for the following platforms:

    • Web
    • LG Smart TV
    • Samsung Smart TV
    • Sony Smart TV
    • Toshiba Smart TV

    This means that Stripe is needed for the web app and all Smart TV apps other than Android TV and Fire TV.

    The following steps provide an overview of the process of using Stripe with Brightcove Beacon:

    1. Create your account by providing basic information (email, name, password).
    2. Activate your account by providing information about your business.
    3. Retrieve your Stripe API keys.
    4. Supply Brightcove personnel the API keys so they can be added to the Brightcove Beacon Experience.

    Creating and activating the Stripe account

    1. Browse to the Stripe home page.
    2. Click the START NOW button.
    3. Fill in your basic information to create the account.
      basic info to create account
    4. Check to be sure you have been shown the Stripe dashboard.
      stipe dashboard
    5. Click the Activate your Stripe account option.
    6. Click the Start now button to begin the process.
    7. You will need to verify your email address.
    8. After verifying your email address, you will see the form to fill out to activate your account. Highlighted in yellow are the major sections of the form.
      form to activate account
    9. After completing the form, click the Submit application button.

    Getting your Stripe API keys

    The connection between your Stripe account and Brightcove Beacon is done via the Stripe API Keys. From the screenshot of the Dashboard shown above, you see a link to Get your live API keys. Note that until an account is activated you can only get test API keys.

    In the dashboard, click the Get your live API keys and follow the instructions to download them.

    Connecting Stripe to Brightcove Beacon

    Once you have your Stripe API keys, you will give them to Brightcove personnel who are configuring your Brightcove Beacon Experience. They will associate your Stripe API keys with your Brightcove Beacon Experience so that when you configure Stripe to be used in your apps it is associated with your account.

    Page last updated on 13 May 2021