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    How To: Configure Calendar Restrictions

    You can configure pages with calendar restrictions that define the start date and time that a page will be available for viewing. Optionally, you can configure an end date and time as well. To configure calendar restrictions for a page, follow these steps

    1. Open the Layout module.
    2. In the side navigation panel, hover over the page name and click settings icon.
    3. In the Page Settings dialog, click Availability.
    4. In the far right of the Calendar restrictions row, click the toggle button. The calendar settings display.
    5. Click the calendar icon () and pick a start date, or manually enter a date.
    6. Click the clock icon () and pick a start time, or manually enter a time.
    7. (Optional) Check the End Date checkbox and select an end date and time.

    If you schedule a published page to be available for a future date, the page status label will display Scheduled.

    scheduled page


    Page last updated on 02 Feb 2022